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Glossary & Rescue Terminology

Welcome to the Rescue Terminology page. Here you will be able to understand some of the lingo we may use on our site, as well as the discussion board. These terms are generally correct regardless of what organization you are working with - so don't worry about the definitions being variable. We promise not to trick you. If you notice a word that isn't on this list that you think should be, make sure you let us know.

Medical Terminology

Euthanasia: A method of humanely ending a life in order to relieve pain or suffering.

Alter: A procedure to either spay (removal of reproductive organs of a female dog) or neuter (removal of the reproductive organs of a male dog). May also be referred to as fixed.

Intact: Also referred to in some breeder circles as "complete" or "whole" that is in reference to a dog that has not been altered.

Heartworm: A parasitic infestation that affects dogs and is transmitted by mosquitos. If left untreated it will result in death. Heartworm Positive refers to a dog that is determined to have heartworms in their bloodstream.

Care References

Preventatives: Refers to medication used to prevent infestations including heartworm, fleas, and ticks (among other parasites and pests).

Vetted: Refers to having been examined by a vet and had any needed vaccinations or other care performed and completed.

UTD: Literally means "Up-to-date", and is in reference to vaccinations.

Chipped: A dog that has had a microchip implanted under it's skin that carries identifying information that is crucial to home lost dogs. This chip is smaller than a grain of rice and is implanted by a syringe.

Rescue Operation Terms

Transport: Anytime a dog is moved from one geographical location to another. This sometimes may include multiple transport vehicles and has the ultimate intent of placing the dog in either a foster home or a permanent home.

Dog/Cat Tested: Interactions and evaluations used to determine if a dogs temperament is compatible with other dogs or cats.

Foster Home: A temporary home that shelters a dog until a permanent home and family are found.

Foster Failure: A situation where a foster home becomes the permanent home for the dog on the request of the foster.

Permanent Foster: A situation where a foster dog is unable to be moved from the foster home. This is a quasi-foster failure scenario.

Code References

D.N.A.: Literally means "Do Not Adopt." There are both local and national scales of DNA lists that rescues and shelters refer to. This list identifies people that are determined as unfit to have a dog due to a variety of circumstances. This can vary from health issues of the owner, to serious issues such as hoarding or a history of animal cruelty.

Bait Dog: A dog that is used to teach other aggressive and sometimes larger dogs to fight others. A passive dog is usually chosen for this role, or the bait dog may have its muzzle taped shut to prevent it from defending itself.

Dog Flipping: The act of getting a dog for free or low cost and selling the dog at a higher price point for the sake of making money.