Donate to the Cause

If you feel so inclined as to help us with costs, it would be greatly appreciated. We have a lot of supporters, but with the responsibilities and vision that we have, it requires a hefty price tag. Donations go towards covering day-to-day operations, food, medications, surgeries, vaccinations and more. Even just $1 could help us, and that donation is tax deductible. (If everyone in both regions we serve donated $1, it would cover almost all of our vet costs over the past 11 years, for some perspective.)

Donations can be made through PayPal below, or by sending a check via snail mail to our mailing address. You can also support us and get some cool stuff by checking out our items over at our store.

Recurring Donations

You can opt to set up a recurring monthly donation to the rescue by selecting one of the options below:

Yorkie Level - $10 each month.
Beagle Level - $15 each month. (Includes a free K9 Kindness Rescue T-Shirt
Labrador Level - $25 each month. (Includes a free K9 Kindness Rescue T-Shirt & Coffee Mug)

If you selected the Beagle or Labrador Level, please specify your T-Shirt size below:

One-Time Donation

You can also make a donation to K9 Kindness Rescue for any amount whenever you can by choosing the link below.

* All donations are tax deductible. We will mail you a tax receipt once the donation has been processed.

** We use PayPal to process online transactions, including donations. Please understand that your data on our website is encrypted, and take time to read our third party disclaimer. K9 Kindness Rescue takes your security and privacy very seriously.

Want To Give “Something?”

No problem! We love goodies (well, our dogs certainly do - only a couple of us have eaten some of the dog food before (that was a joke))! We do accept donations on a limited basis from people. Items such as unopened bags of food and treats are always welcome. Unused beds, toys and tethers are also appreciated. Due to risk of disease, we will only accept kennels and cages if they are unused or have been bleached - or are still in a state of being salvageable (basically if it's icky...we can't use it).

But that's not all...we also accept donations of items that we can use to raffle off or include in gift baskets to raffle. We tend to especially need these when we have upcoming larger events such as trivia nights or our dog washes.

If you have items that you'd like to donate, we do request that you contact us first to make sure we have space for it. We also want to be sure that someone is present to accept the donation and collect information to ensure you receive a tax receipt.


There are a lot of different things you can do to help, and one of them is helping us transport animals to foster homes or even furever homes.

Every now and then, we may pull a dog out of a shelter outside of our pull area, or on the outskirts. The result is simply, that we sometimes need help transporting that dog back to us here in the Quad Cities or Iowa City. Many times these dogs in these areas are relying on us and us alone to help save their lives - and you can be a part of that simply by donating your time and vehicle to helping transport them to us.

Sometimes we also help seek transport for animals that are going to another organization. Your time donated to help these animals is just as appreciated as it keeps in toe with our goal of saving lives and making happy tails.

Other Ways To Help

There are many other ways to help, and we appreciate all help we receive. One of the biggest ways to help is by fostering a dog. By opening up your home to a dog that has none, you're giving them the chance they need to make it to their furever home. It is not only one of the biggest ways to help us, but is the biggest way to help the dogs. Even signing on as a temporary foster goes a long way.

Spreading word of rescue events, and rallying behind animal welfare also helps us immensely as it's the spread of awareness that truly makes the most difference. Without people that support us and stand behind us, we couldn't continue to do what we do today.
Perhaps the biggest thing to help is understanding rescue: it takes a lot of effort, a lot of time and people. We value all of our volunteers, all of our supporters, all of the donations that are sent in. We appreciate all of it. If you'd like to learn of more ways to help, you can do so by simply reading more on our site, or by chatting with us. Or hey, if you'd like to do a little more than chat, you can like or follow us on social media.

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