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Why Foster?

How YOU can save lives

Help save guys likes us!

These two boys are Enzo and Cosmo, both were on death row, Enzo was on borrowed time. Due to a couple of amazing fosters we were able to save them!

There are a lot of misconceptions about fostering. We have many potential adopters say they are "too busy" to foster. If you are too busy to foster, you are too busy to have a dog at all! The only difference is you have to have the foster meet it's potential adopter. We have a screening process so you don't meet with people who aren't a good fit.

We ALWAYS try to find a good fit for your home, we want not just the best for our dogs, but for our volunteers too! We always try to get them dog and cat tested beforehand so we know the best type of home to find for them.

Interested in finding out more and helping us save lives? Use the 'contact us' form at the bottom of our homepage!

Wag of the Town

Some things to howl about

Last Dog Gone Event

It was a wonderful time at Granite City. We managed to generate a record breaking $179 that will be going towards our vet bills. What a turn out! Thank you Quad Cities! We'll be doing this again soon!


Next Pawsome Gathering

Valentine's Day Trivia Night
Join us on for our Annual Trivia Night at Knights of Columbus. The trivia isn't about Valentine's Day, but it is close enough to Valentine's Day, so we'll call it our Valentine's Trivia Night!
When: 09 February 2019 at 700p

Where: Knights of Columbus Hall 1111 West 35th Street.

General Fundraisers

General fundraisers are as frequent as we can make them.  Sometimes they’re rummage sales, sometimes they’re adoption days.  Either way, rescue stuff!

New to The Pack

Latest arrivals in our krazy pack
To see a complete listing of our adoptable pets click here.

Pawfect News

Waggin' round the food dish

Happy Tails

They're a waggin'

Three Dogged Night

Plus Jeremiah the Bullfrog
Debbie F.

Co-founded the organization in 2004 and for some reason has not lost all of her sanity yet. But we're working on it.

Kim P.
Executive Director

Kim is new to the pack but has shown a real drive and passion Ask her to do something, and she does it! Even if that means taking over the check book.

Kristina M.
Social Media/Foster Home Coordinator

Prefers her animals over people but still manages to handle it. Confused on why she's so good at reaching people when she'd rather hide from them.

Read more about the board and advisors over here.

Hound Us

Give us a whistle or a holler

About Us
We're crazy about dogs. Really. We love dogs, right down to the point that they boss us around. But likewise, our aim and goal is to make sure that they have loving and forever homes. We've been around the block and seen a lot of different fire hydrants. Including that REALLY yellow one. Ask your dog, he knows the one.

If you have questions about other stuff or just want to inquire about our day to day stuff, please feel free to use the contact form on the left.

Our Address
K9 Kindness Rescue, Inc.
1305 26th Street
Bettendorf, IA 52722
* NOT a shelter location
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