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Featured Dog: Spud, Rat Terrier Mix

Adopt-A-Pet #1015
Spud, also known as Spuddy Boy, is a very sweet dog who would love to spend the day cuddled in your lap. He also enjoys sleeping in your bed and snuggling up to you. He is great with kids and other dogs and does well with women, but is fearful of men. Spud will need a home with a fenced in yard because he has a tendency to run away when in an open area. He is house broken but does have the occasional accident. Spud would make an excellent companion for a woman looking to open up her heart to a loving dog.

Happy Tails: Muggles

We are so blessed that Debbie selected our home out of many applications to adopt Muggles. She is the most kind, gentle, happy, smart, etc. dog I have ever experienced. She loves other dogs and snuggles with our three cats. She is crate-trained and happily goes in when I pour my coffee in the travel mug each morning. She loves receiving attention and will gladly pose for a photo which of course we call “Mug Shots”. She even has a cameo role in a new Christmas movie, “Up On the Wooftop” that was filmed in the Iowa City-Davenport area.

NerdDog’s Corner

RescueShop 1.1 Live
After dealing with some problems here and there with RescueShop (the biggest being shipping issues and logistics), we finally got a chance to make it all right again. RescueShop 1.1 is open now at it's new location. Check it out!

Rescue Forum
Ever wanted a place just to chat it up and talk about rescue? We now have an awesome place for it, over on the K9 Kindness Rescue Forums (link in the footer). Not only do we encourage volunteers to join here, but rescue alumni too! It's a great way to stay in touch!

Now Waggin’ on The Book

As most of you have already heard, there are several former volunteers for K9 Kindness who have lodged very damaging charges against me and the K9 Kindness organization. They have accused me of misusing organization funds and improperly managing the Board.

First, I want to whole-heartedly thank the dozens of volunteers who have come forward in my defense, offering support during this devastating experience. For those of you who ever doubted my intentions, let me assure you that I have spent these past 13 years with only one objective for the organization that I founded with my own resources – to rescue as many dogs as possible.

Rescuing those dogs has meant going into very uncomfortable situations (often late at night) to save dogs from harm, spending thousands of hours virtually begging for funding to help these dogs, and putting my own financial future at risk. Through the organization more than 1000 have gone from nightmarish situations to loving homes. We have paid for surgeries, training and food for dogs in need – even those who were not surrendered to the rescue.

I have no answers when asked why certain people have turned on me. I suspect it is because I have maintained very tight control of the organization, often ignoring their suggestions because I felt that I knew what was best for the dogs. Perhaps I should have acted differently. Hindsight is 20/20. But whether I managed the organization in the best way possible for everyone concerned or not, I never did anything that would take resources away from the rescue dogs unless I thought it would benefit them in the long run.

For instance, I did pay my son to keep our website updated. I paid him a monthly fee that our volunteer marketing firm felt was far below market value. I occasionally purchased dog food for my own dogs from organization funds – something that was suggested to me by my accountant since I have never taken a salary for my work. My dogs were all rescued through K9 Kindness.

I fully intend to struggle through this devastating attack and continue the good work that K9 Kindness has done for at-risk dogs throughout the Quad City area and beyond. The angry attacks have left me feeling weakened and sad. But I still have the same goal as I had when I founded this group – to save the dogs that need saving.

Thank you for your continued support. I will continue to update you as this very ugly situation unfolds. I have faith that God is watching out for our furry friends and will watch out for the organization that strives to help them.

Debra Fraker
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