Where would we be without our volunteers in this rescue? Probably with only a fraction of the rescues, and not at all awesome - well a little awesome, but not nearly as much. We depend on volunteers to help us keep things going! From events, to PR, to supplies and more. Volunteers help make K9 Kindness Rescue what it is.

What's more? You're also helping to give back to your community and helping dogs in need and our cause. Together we can save more lives and make even more happy tails.


One of the biggest ways you can help not only a rescue, but a dog that needs a second chance - is to provide them with a home to work on that second chance. That is one of the things that you get a chance to do as a foster home. As a foster, you are the first step of rehabilitation that the dog takes into understanding that they're safe. You also can take comfort in knowing that the dog will not be in harms way again. Fosters are always needed.

Other Ways to Help

There are a number of other ways you can help us out if time is hard to give. Donations in almost any form can help us out. You can also help us by simply showing up and supporting us at our events, or just helping to get the word out. If you aren't sure how you'd like to help out, the first step is always submitting a volunteer form. Maybe you have a calling that you don't know about yet.

Public Service

K9 Kindness Rescue is an organization that will support minors who are in need of community service hours. Individuals who volunteer during rescue events may use time accrued at those events towards educational community service requirements. Please contact us prior to submission of an application in order for us to accommodate you.