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  • Address1305 26th Street, Bettendorf, Iowa, 52722
  • Open Hours24 hours online!

Our Promise

I promise you, my rescue dog, no human will ever hurt you again.
You will never be sold and then dumped again.
You will never have to sleep in a kennel again,
and you will never be hungry or unloved again.
To you, my rescue dog, I pledge to never buy from a breeder,
but always save a life instead.
And I promise to never give up on you.

When you adopt a dog, you are not only signing the adoption contract that says that you will provide adequate care for your new friend, but you're also signing an unspoken agreement with the dog. It is a contract that only you and your dog will understand, and it is binding.  But sometimes there are things that are unforeseen that can put that contract in jeopardy.  That's why our promise extends beyond where our personal foster care ends.  It's part of being a member of our rescue family.

Our Promise

As a rescue, we make that same promise first. We take dogs out of situations where their lives seem like they're at an end, and promise them hopes of a new beginning, so it is no surprise when we take extra steps and measures to ensure that dogs go to their furever homes - in fact, that's why we use that term, but in reality it's a redundancy. Home is forever, as is family, and if someone had to call us a strict business, we are only in the business of finishing homes and completing families.

Because of this, we take some extra steps to make sure that our dogs are comfortable while in our care, and after they leave our care. We are their only voice, and it is our responsibility to make sure that they are heard. Ultimately, the only shelter they should know once they leave their situation, is the shelter of Home. That's why we extend our promise beyond our rescue.
While most reputable rescues will accept a dog back into their program once it has been adopted, we take that one step further. We are always available to our adopters to help with any issues that may arise so that the adoption doesn't fail and the dog doesn't have to be returned. As long as you are committed to the dog, we are committed to helping you make it work.

Developing a relationship, not executing an exchange. We've been criticized for wanting to remain too involved in the lives of the dogs we adopt out. We don't ever stop by unexpectedly to snoop around, but we may send emails or call every now and then just to check in and see how everything is going. We love getting pictures of the kids in their new homes and hearing stories of your successes. We are not selling you a dog and then walking away. If that's what you are looking for, go visit your local shelter. When we agree to take a dog into rescue, we are making a lifetime commitment to that dog, and we take that commitment VERY seriously.

Animal Care & Support

How do we keep our promises? Our dogs are fully vetted and up to date on shots. This means that the dog has been tested for parasitic infestations, organ failure, and has a clean bill of health. This includes, but is not limited to: dental care, heartworm treatment, arthritis, kidney stones, neurological issues, and respiratory issues. K9 Kindness Rescue ensures that all animals that are adopted out have received all healthcare for issues that had been observed before or during their time within our foster homes. We want to make sure that you and your new companion have the longest possible time together, and that they are healthy.

We will make sure that if there is any quality of life left to be had, that the dog will enjoy that time they have left. All the way down to travelling out of state for life saving heart surgeries.

Vet Care

K9 Kindness Rescue uses and recommends three key animal veterinarian clinics in the Quad Cities and the Corridor. In the Quad Cities, most of our pets are vetted at Animal Family Veterinary Care Center at 6011 North Brady Street in Davenport.

Our Primary Veterinary Team

Our Emergency Veterinary Team


All K9 Kindness Rescue dogs are microchipped. We use 24 Pet Watch as our registration service to ensure that pets always have some form of identification. In the event that you may not be found, 24 Pet Watch may also contact K9 Kindness in order to ensure the information is correct. Chips that are distributed at our events are also registered via 24 Pet Watch.