Foster Application

Before submitting any information on this page, please understand the following:
  1. Please make sure you have read our Foster Questions & Answers section on the KB.
  2. Data submitted using our website is encrypted with 256 bits of data and is secure. Please ensure that your address bar above is green before proceeding, and that K9 Kindness Rescue, Inc. is the owner indicated.
  3. Data submitted using this API is subjected to the privacy policy and security policies.
  4. If this application does not load or does not submit, please do not proceed further and contact us - informing us of the issue. You may then refer below to fill out a paper application.
  5. If you would prefer not submitting your information electronically, you may fill out a paper application by downloading a copy from our rescue resources page.
  6. For more information on site security and privacy, please view our legal documentation.

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