Updates From the Front Desk

Hey everyone,

I’ve been trying to keep busy the last few days with some things happening on the other side of the desk. Won’t go into details, the Krew knows the story. At any rate, I’ve invested some time in getting some other stuff done in an attempt to regain some sanity.

Please refer to this post when relating to this one.

In regards to the post last week, and in lieu of some events that have befallen a few K9 Kindness Rescue, Inc. members, I’ve stepped up getting the memorials page ready. There are at least two individuals that I’ve stepped up this product to completion for, and I think it was pretty important to finish. When it goes live on Monday, it will be linked off the Donation page.

Next is food archives. I finished roughly half of the pages needed for this. It’s done enough that I am comfortable having those pages live. We no longer have an .XLS file for food ratings and nutrition lists. It’s now all done through the website via a responsive list. I have the nutrition portal listed here, and it includes some tips on things to look for in food as well as links out to the dry food ratings/list. When I get to them, it will also have a wet food list, and a treat list.

We’ve added a PetCo adoption day at the Davenport store on April 15 from 11 am to 3 pm. We would have done it on April 1, but we did not feel that the team could be mobilized for that day, so we’re shooting for the middle of the month.

Stay tuned for the latest.

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