Saving Lives and Making Happy…Pigs?

Every now and then, one of those animal stories comes along where you say “we gotta do something about this.”  Sometimes that means breaking out of your zone of canine dog rescue and venturing into the realms of…guinea rescue.  Wait…Guinea rescue?

Meet Pigwidgeon, a Guinea Pig that was surrendered to a local pet store back in April of this year.  She (well…it’s actually a he, but the she factor sounds so much more d’awwwww) was turned in with a bad case of bumblefoot, which is a bacterial infection of an appendage of captive small animals and is a strand of what we generally know as Staphylococcus (a staph infection).  She was estimated to be 2 years of age when she was turned in – and whether or not her owners knew the severity of her condition or not is unknown.

After a few weeks in the care of one of the associates (Gracie) at this store…the then unnamed Pigwidgeon (just Pig for short) started to bond with her.  That bond was so strong that Gracie had expressed interest in adopting Pig as her own.  But alas, neither the store nor the overhead corporation would pay for surgery necessary to keep Pig with her new best friend.  There was only about a day to make the decision as to whether Gracie was going to pay for the surgery herself (a whopping $400) or if the Pig was going to have to be put down on the store’s bill as a loss.  Well, you can put that tissue away…

Upon hearing of Gracie and Pig’s dilemma – and by the coincidence that the Guinea Pig was being seen by one of our affiliated vet offices, K9 Kindness was able to request and obtain ownership of our damsel in distress.  Through some finagling with the vet office, and a final surrender of custody…Pig was on her way to getting the surgery she needed.  Meanwhile, custody was transferred over to Gracie, who has had her ever since then (April 17).

Since then, from what we’ve been hearing…Pigwidgeon has effectively been overly spoiled.  No seriously, we’re pretty convinced there is no other guinea pig alive that’s quite as high-roller as this one.  “Pig” will be coming up on 4 months at her new home in a couple of weeks, and we couldn’t be happier at the outcome.  Just look at that face…


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