Winter is a 7 month old Husky mix who is looking for a new furever home. These photos were taken yesterday before her stitches in her eye were removed. She had some drainage from her eye which is mostly cleaned up but we didn’t want to irritate her stitches more!

She would currently appreciate to be the only dog in the home. She was said to have done great with other dogs in Kansas but the eye removal and move to the Quad Cities have been rough for her.

She does great with all people and kids as well as cats. If living with cats it should be dog savvy cats who aren’t going to slink and run around her or she feels it’s an invitation to play!

She is a bit of a velcro dog and would love a home where someone is home a lot or someone able to devote lots of attention to her when they are home! She is mainly crate trained but isn’t a huge fan so will whine and ‘talk’ to you before settling down. Winter is mostly house trained but on antibiotics for a small bladder infection that is making her have to pee A LOT.
Winter walks pretty well on a leash and does enjoy going for walks. She is the SWEETEST gal you’ll ever meet. She is still a bit of a puppy so she will require work on her manners.

Looking for a great family dog? Well you just found her!

Winter’s adoption fee is $250, and adopters must live within 175 miles of the Quad City Area.

For more information about Winter, email or fill out the online adoption at

Winter and K9 Kindness Rescue thank you for considering adoption through rescue for your new family companion!