Wheeler is an easy going, amiable guy, and makes a great companion. He is really submissive, and was being bullied by the dominant males in his previous foster home. Like many large dogs, Wheeler is a super-sloppy drinker, but also a super snuggler. In fact he thinks he is a tiny lap dog! He would love to share your bed with you, if that’s OK with you.

He still pulls some on a leash, but he is perfectly house-trained, and doesn’t chew anything up. He would do best in a home with a fenced yard, and maybe some older children. He’s a sort of a klutz when he gets excited and would knock over young children. He also gets anxious with young kids who might be too unpredictable and make strange noises. Wheeler is a little too interested in cats, so a home without them would be best. He gets along great with his foster sister, Junie, a terrier who is half is size. They play together all day. She is also available through K9 Kindness.

Wheeler showed up on a freezing night on the doorstep of a kind person who took him in. He is now patiently waiting for his forever family. Wheeler is a great dog, and he hopes you will consider adding him to your family!

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