Shelby has been through a lot in her 10 + years. She found herself homeless and rescued by a local rescue. Her person found her and took her home to what was supposed to be her forever home… but he got sick. She was with him for two years before he passed and you can tell she misses him. Shelby is blind and mostly deaf.

Her once quiet and secure home was now full of people trying to help. She was terrified… her little chin quivering. She didn’t know anyone… didn’t know where she was going or if it was safe. How could she? She suffers from chronic skin irritations so her skin was inflamed and her coat was matted. She has tried very hard to be brave and to tolerate her medicine even though it makes her feel yucky. Her new foster family is trying their best to make her feel comfortable and safe, they are learning together as they go. She gets medicated baths until her skin heals up. We are in the process of trying to find out what she’s reacting to. 

Shelby really is a sweet senior dog. Her person did the best he could even with being so sick himself. Shelby deserves to find her fur-ever home, she deserves to feel safe, loved and comfortable in her own skin. As much as we are working to make that happen…she needs someone to step in and cherish her for however long she has left. 

Shelby is able to go up one or two stairs with guidance but would prefer a home without. She knows once she hits the grass that it means potty time! She has been around dogs and cats in her foster home and it hasn’t seemed to bother her.

We are looking for a very special person to take Shelby on for the rest of her days. 

Shelby’s adoption fee has been waived, and adopters must live within 175 miles of the Quad City Area.

For more information about Shelby, email or fill out the online adoption at

Shelby and K9 Kindness Rescue thank you for considering adoption through rescue for your new family companion!