Russell is new to the K9 Krew. Russell was surrendered after his owner who’d had him for a week lost his home.

Russell is a year and a half old and definitely has some young Pitbull energy. When he isn’t playing and his ears can rest they fold and sit directly on top of his head in true Shar Pei fashion.

Russell is a whole lot of boy and wants nothing more than a home where he can run and play fetch withhis people. He does well with kids and other dogs, though he comes off VERY strong. He does well with cats inside but the second they get outside it’s game on!

Seems to be mostly house trained and is kennel trained and very quiet in it.

Russell’s adoption fee is $250, and adopters must live within 175 miles of the Quad City Area.

For more information about Russell, email or fill out the online adoption at

Russell and K9 Kindness Rescue thank you for considering adoption through rescue for your new family companion!