Kylo is a 2(ish) year old German Shepherd. He was originally gotten from a breeder so he is believed to be ‘purebred’. He is all boy and ready for a home where he can have a job to do.

Everything about Kylo SCREAMS German Shepherd, for this reason we are looking for a home who has experience handling Germans, or other bully type breed dogs. He is VERY smart and eager to learn.

Of course he doesn’t really like to be confined, if he goes to a home where he needs to be kenneled he will require a steel crate. He is very underweight now and we would like to see him gain just a couple pounds before moving to his new home to ensure nothing else is wrong with him.

He has the most beautiful brown eyes, they are constantly in puppy mode and they melt my heart every time he looks at me. Overall he is still a big puppy and needs some work on his manners. He responds well to correction, he also enjoy walks and does pretty darn good on his leash! He does good not going to the bathroom in the house, while supervised. We think as he gets a normal feeding schedule and up to wait he will do better when left alone. He doesn’t chew on what isn’t his!

Want a dog to play fetch with? Kylo is on it. He loves tennis balls, so much that they usually don’t last but 2 minutes. He enjoys tossing the big blue ball we have outside, if you don’t throw it, well he will have some things to say.

Kylo does well with kids however they probably shouldn’t be under 3 or 4 as he is just too much playful boy at this time if he isn’t handled correctly I can see someone getting knocked over, especially if they have food. He does well with cats and other dogs though he does best with slow introductions.

Kylo will need an active(or at least someone with a good arm and big yard), strong, experienced owner who is willing to put in the time and effort to make sure he becomes the best version of himself. Is that you?

Kylo’s adoption fee is $250, and adopters must live within 175 miles of the Quad City Area.

For more information about Kylo, email or fill out the online adoption at

Kylo and K9 Kindness Rescue thank you for considering adoption through rescue for your new family companion!