Bodie is a 11 month old Australian Kelpie mix. He is house trained, and almost all the way crate trained. He barks for a few minutes after being put away occasionally, but this doesn’t happen every time. Bodie was euth listed in Kansas and we couldn’t sit back and let him die there.

We aren’t sure how he is with other animals and dogs yet, as we haven’t introduced them yet within his foster home, but the papers we received said he was good with everyone, and he hasn’t showed any aggression the few times he has seen them. He walks okay on a leash, he will pull, but after corrections he will stop. It is a work in progress but he is getting better pretty fast. 

He is going to be enrolled in obedience soon, but right now knows sit. He also responds very well to his name. He loves all toys and treats and people so there are 3 different ways of rewarding him, which makes training a lot easier with him. 

He likes car rides, he just hangs out, and loves walks. If you have a good tie-out or lead he doesn’t need a fence, but a fence would be really helpful. He is not on medication or special needs. He loves giving kisses! He will hold your arm in his mouth, but with corrections that is going away. He is a very intelligent dog, and is very fun to be around. 

Bodie is looking for someone who is willing to keep up on training with him and give him a semi active home. He is a young dog and is looking for a lifelong commitment! 

Bodie’s adoption fee is $250, and adopters must live within 175 miles of the Quad City Area.

For more information about Bodie, email or fill out the online adoption at

Bodie and K9 Kindness Rescue thank you for considering adoption through rescue for your new family companion!