Meet Bella,
Bella’s previous owner paid little or no attention to her.  What a sad and lonely life this little dog must have lead.  She is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier.  13 years old and looking for a home to live out the rest of her life.  She has had a full dental (lost most if not all of her teeth in that), had mammary tumors removed that were cancerous.  She was in such bad shape, the groomers at Animal Family had to shave her.  No young children but cats and calm dogs are good. She does need insulin shots twice a day for diabetes.  And she is not reliably housetrained and we’re pretty sure she lived in a kennel with her previous owner.

Bella is a very laid back dog who doesn’t seem to get excited much about anything.  She doesn’t play or interact with the other dogs in her foster home & seems quite content to just do her own thing which is mostly just laying around.  She isn’t much into wanting attention or being a lap dog.  Her foster mom initiates picking her up & having her sit on her lap.  At first she would stay for awhile & then want down, but now she is sitting with her foster mom much longer so it seems she’s warming up to the idea of being held.  

She doesn’t do a whole lot of barking except when she’s about to get her food and then she lets you know she’s wants it now!  But otherwise Bella is a pretty quiet dog.  She just takes everything in stride as far as what’s going on with or around her.

Bella’s adoption fee is $125 and adopters must live within 175 miles of the Quad City Area.

For more information about Bella, email or fill out the online adoption application at

Bella and K9 Kindness Rescue thank you for considering adoption through rescue for a new family companion!

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