New Things Still To Come

Had enough yet? Yeah, me neither. We still have more stuff coming in the weeks ahead on the K9 Kindness Rescue website. We have things to come on the whole in the rescue, but the K9 Ninja’s just don’t get into the inner workings like we used to. We have people with tiny fingers to do that (we’re cooler than you guys, Board of Directors!).

So what’s to come?

Bring on the list!

1. Way back in version 4.0…or 1…something like that. A number less than 5. We had a feature that I think was really important to have – rather it was a section. That section was for memorials. In some instances, people are just kind beyond words, and their wishes are to have donations made in their memory. While this isn’t the norm, I find it to be something that’s rather important for us to resurrect (…I’m sorry, that’s not a pun). I’ll be making the provisions for that to be a thing, but considering how uncommon it is – I’m not sure how I’ll go about approaching it. It has happened in the past, and I think we need to make sure that it’s around in the future.

2. New food archives. I would love to get rid of darn XLS sheet that we’re using for pet nutrition…and I’m going to. That probably won’t happen until May though, due to the sheer amount of time it takes to fact check that information, but having it on the list means progress is coming. Haha…if you stole it and passed it off as your own, it’s out of date. Anyway, I plan on still having a copy in XLS format, but I think we need to move as much onto pages as possible. Going back to my whole issue with “third party stuff.” Eww…stuff.

3. Shop stuff – is stuff. It’s busy work and I’m gonna be kicking and screaming the whole time until we fix it. We have shirts, mugs, and stuff to clearance out of the old brand. (Insert a casual advertisement for old shirts, mugs, and stuff…on clearance…wink wink…nudge nudge.) Anyway, while we’re waiting for new shirts and such, it’s a good time for us to tackle the shop, because our inventory is going to be slim for a brief period of time. I just need to find a minion to do that…(also, wink wink…nudge nudge).

4. Alumni archive. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and now that people are actually sending me things to post on our page as testimonials and happy tails, I have content to actually do it. There are two parts to this…
a) The total rescue alumni, from anytime and anywhere.
b) The 20xx rescue alumni, from that adoption year.
The first of these would be just a collection of stories and pictures of dogs from 2004 onward. The latter of these would be part of a yearly roundup we do in December of dogs adopted in that year. I’m toying with a blanket idea, similar to how the new adoptables page looks – stay tuned.

For right this moment, that’s all I’ve got. A board meeting is scheduled tonight, and more ideas might be brought up then. I’m also still glancing over the Facebook pages, and trying to go back and read up on various complaints and requests. I know there were some critics of the old design too, so I’m looking at all of those. That’s right, I read all of them. If you think I wouldn’t, you must have me confused with a webmaster at Microsoft.

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