NerdDog: Signing Off

Dear K9 Kindness Rescue friends and family,

It’s your buddy NerdDog.  Boy, it’s been a crazy 13 years hasn’t it?  We’ve done a lot of things, and seen a lot of things.  There has been plenty of drama that we’ve always managed to overcome, and we have always rose above it to meet our goal of “saving lives, and making happy tails.”  It takes a lot of people to pull that off, and a lot of resources.

I have had the privilege of serving with K9 Kindness Rescue since 2004 – the year it was founded – in some capacity.  The better half of those years I was the webmaster or site admin, before being established as IPA this year (Intellectual Property Administrator).

Earlier this year, I submitted my formal plans for resignation, however – shortly after Kodeko was completed.  My intentions were to see the rescue restabilize, and I have seen that.  Ultimately, my resignation would come after I had a chance to train my replacement, but instead I will be advising the replacement after my last day (there are less than 5 hours on the clock).

I will not waste the time of saying “goodbye” – simply because I am not leaving the rescue.  However, my time as an administrator or individual with a role has ended, and now the time comes for me to invest additional time in other things – like my final semester of undergrad, my new job, and the prelude to graduate school.

I have opted to leave the site, and all of the services we have online in the hands of my assistant IPA, Brittney, and one of our new Co-Director’s, Evan.  (Most of you know Brittney as the voice of our Facebook page.)  Expect to see and hear more from them in the coming few weeks.

Until our next even, I will see you kids later.

Wag on!

Nerd Dog – signing off.

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