Third Party Disclaimer

Third Party Disclaimer

K9 Kindness Rescue (the "Rescue") offers a launch bed for third party applications which may collect personal information. This information falls under the privacy policy and terms of service of the respected parties. The Rescue may review information provided as outlined by Iowa Code 162, and adoption policies. Please utilize the information that follows to know your rights when dealing with our third party partners.

Monetary, Financial, and Banking Services

The Rescue utilizes PayPal as a means of processing online financial and monetary transactions. This includes donations and payment for goods via our website. When you opt to donate or place an order, you are redirected to PayPal's website which will then guide you through the payment process. Please familiarize yourself with the documents to the right to learn more about your rights when dealing with this third party company.

Email Communications

The Rescue uses Mail Poet to manage subscribed email address for newsletters and announcements. You only opt into the use of this third party service when you provide us with your email address for joining our newsletter. K9 Kindness Rescue, Inc. does not disclose any email addresses to third parties under any circumstance.

Applications for Adoption and Foster

The Rescue uses RescueGroups to process adoption and foster applications online. Information is collected on our website via the use of a frame - but is not collected by the Rescue website itself. Because of this, any information submitted to RescueGroups is handled exclusively by their website and is subject to the privacy policy and guidelines set forth by this third party. Please familiarize yourself with the site and agreement to the right.

Google Analytics Statements

The Rescue uses Google Analytics (Analytics) to analyze traffic on the website and give us a better idea of who our user base is. Information which is collected by Analytics is visible only to the webmaster and is not used for any third party marketing purposes. The Rescue does not market advertisements, change the website for specific users, or sell data. All data that is reported to the Rescue is non-identifiable.

Other Third Party Websites

The Rescue's policies mentioned in this statement and posted in the "Legal" section of the website only apply to this website ( and do not apply to any other site that may be mentioned. Please be aware that leaving the Rescue's website means that you are no longer covered by the policies set forth by this website, nor are you guaranteed security by the Rescue.

Last Updated: This Statement was last updated on Wednesday, November 4, 2015.