Web & Technology FAQ’s

Website FAQ’s

We understand that not everyone is totally tech savvy and able to understand all of the bells and whistles the site may entail. That's why we came up with this fairly comprehensive list of questions that are answered for your convenience. Questions in regards to site specifications and requirements, locating certain features and information collection are provided.


What do I need to view the site properly?
The minimum requirements have been outlined as follows:
  • Internet Explorer 8 or later, Google Chrome, Opera 10 or later, Firefox 25 or later, Safari 5.1.7 or later
  • Screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels (480i)
  • Screen refresh rate of at least 60 Hz
Optimal performance recommendation:
  • Internet Explorer 10 or 11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome 3
  • Screen resolution of 1366x768 (720i)
  • Screen refresh rate of at least 60 Hz
Has the site been tested with my set up?
It is difficult to say for sure as many people have a variety of configurations. However, the site generally functions well with the combinations provided above. It has been tested also on Android 4.4 devices and Windows Mobile 8 devices. Desktop tests have only been carried out on Windows devices.

What kind of technology is used on the website?

Main display aspects adhere to strict compliance
Images and colors are handled in valid formats
Java & jQuery
Deals with special design and appearance elements
Our main software core that runs the site
G2 SSL Security
Information and connections are encrypted


Sometimes the site fails to load. Why?
Every now and then something happens either on your ISP's end or our server's end that causes the site to hiccup. This may cause the site to come up as unavailable. Usually the issue will correct itself, but sometimes it will require some basic troubleshooting on your part with your ISP. Most of the time, any outage on our end will be announced prior to the site going down.

How do I login?
If you have an account with us, you should follow the steps listed below:
  1. Point your browser to k9kindnessrescue.org/wp-login.php.
  2. Type in your username, password, and answer the simple math question.
  3. Hit the submit button, and if done correctly, you should be redirected to your dashboard.

About the Site

Who provides the updates and modifications?
Currently that individual is Michael Fraker. We're always looking for an extra helping hand or two though! Hosting is managed on a dedicated VPS, and graphics not associated directly with the website are managed by Nehlsen Communications. Our VPS is through KnownHost, LLC.

What information is collected when I visit the site?
No more information is collected via our website than any others when you do not log in. In general, the information that is collected is limited to browser, country of origin, IP address, and possibly some other demographics. Logging in simply adds the addition of remembering settings that are stored on your computer in order for the site to load properly in some cases. Your name and email address are only required for the creation of an account, otherwise they are not collected. Information that is stored and collected on K9 Kindness' servers is encrypted with 256 bits of data.

If you don't see a question answered here you can either opt to go back or to contact us for more information.