Rescue Shop FAQs

General Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that pertain to Rescue Shop and all other monetary or item based issues will be provided under this header. This serves as the official question hub for the Rescue Shop, so it is advised that you look here before placing an order to submitting a question regarding a particular order that has been placed. Most questions have likely been answered already.


How long does it take to get my items?
Typically items will ship out in 1 to 3 business days. Depending on your location, shipping time could take anywhere from 3 to 10 business days. K9 Kindness Rescue will not ship the day of any national holiday or the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas. So for example, if an order is placed after 4 pm central time on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, it will not go out until the following Monday.

Where do you ship?
We ship only to the continental U.S. at this time due to limitations in our shipping structure. We simply can not afford international shipping charges.

How will my items ship?
Depending on location, some items may be dropped off by someone handling deliveries (neighboring zip codes only). Otherwise shipments should be expected either by USPS or FedEx.

Can I opt to pick up an item?
Yes, you may opt to pick up items either at the rescue office or at an event. You must specify in the notes of your order that you wish to pick the items up so that they are withheld from shipping. Please note that if you opt to pick items up, the shipping inflation is non-refundable.

Payments & Pricing

Why are prices higher on Rescue Shop than in person?
Unlike in many stores where pricing is less online than in store, K9 Kindness Rescue Shop items are generally higher. The reason for this is to provide the user with a total cost of shipping and handling. Shipping is added on to each item and is flat, which also explains why there is no apparent shipping charge. At events, the cost is lower due to no shipping overhead charges.

How are payments processed?
We use PayPal in order to process all payments and transactions on our website. Regardless if you have a PayPal account or not, you will be able to submit payment through PayPal. As a result, we accept all electronic forms of payment online including: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Who handles my private information?
Two parties may see the information you provide. First, your payment information is collected via PayPal and payment is then sent to K9 Kindness Rescue. Information collected on PayPal is subject to PayPal's privacy policy and we encourage you to read through those policies for more information. Second, shipping information is reviewed by K9 Kindness Rescue's Rescue Shop team where it is used solely for the purpose of ensuring payment has been submitted and the item is shipped to the correct address.

Items & Returns

Why did I get an email saying an item is out of stock?
We do our best to make sure that inventory counts are updated each week. As such there is a period of time where items could fall out of stock before inventory flags are set. If an item is out of stock, we will email you that they are out of stock and provide you with the option to either cancel those items or be put on a list to receive them when they are back in stock.

How do I select a color, pattern, or type of item?
When you proceed to check out via PayPal, you will be prompted with a section where notes can be entered. You will need to specify in this section what color, pattern or style you are looking for. If you have no preference, a random assortment will be sent to you.

What if I forget to select a color, pattern, or type of item?
By default, if no specific criteria is specified for items that are submitted that have options, we will allocate 72 hours where a follow up email may be sent. You can submit a request within 72 hours of an order being placed to specify which particular assortment you'd like to receive. After this, a random item will be sent.

How are returns processed, and are there any guarantees?
We will only accept returns if we are notified within seven (70 days for t-shirts or bandanas due to sizing issues. Items must be post-marked no later than (10) days after they are received by the customer. Items received after this time are not eligible for a refund. K9 Kindness Rescue makes no guarantees on the items they sell due to the nature of these items.
If you don't see a question answered here you can either opt to go back or to contact us for more information.