Welcome to the K9 Kindness Rescue Resource Center. Here you can find a collection of documents or useful websites that might help out with animal care, or general rescue operations. You can use the links to the right to download copies of software that will help you open these files (if you do not have one). If you already have software installed, click below.

If you'd like to submit a resource, feel free to contact us. Be sure to provide us with an outline of what the resource is (if it is a webpage, please provide a link), and an explanation why we should include it.

General Information and Care

Resources in this section cover health and wellbeing of animals. It includes our nutrition master list that the rescue also uses internally for feeding guidelines. The datelines of the latest revisions of each resource are provided as well so you can trace the relevance of the material.

Rescue Documentation and Forms

Resources in this section cover various rescue operations and forms that may be useful. This includes some paper versions of applications on the site. These forms should be used in the event that you do not wish to submit a form on the website. Please be sure you are aware of our security protocols if such matters concern you and your submission.
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