K9 Kindness Rescue Knowledge Base

Welcome to the K9 Kindness Rescue Knowledge Base (or KB for short). If you clicked this link, you probably understand that we have a lot of different operations and have involvement in many different things. This page and the pages it links to are designed to help you better understand some very important things including: how rescue works, how our rescue works, what our operations are, key terms, and more.

We've started by a compiling a list of links that connect to other pages on our site that may be beneficial in answering some of your questions. If you don't find your answers in any of those pages, or they don't seem like they will answer your question, read on. If you are still missing an answer to a question, you can always contact us. Thanks for visiting!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

These are a collection of FAQ's that may have already been answered elsewhere on the site, but none-the-less are sometimes missed. We've compiled the most frequent of those questions and made them available for an answer here. We will also include helpful links that you can use in regards to each of these questions.

Questions like…

  • How long does the adoption process take?
  • Who sees information I provide the rescue?
  • How can I set up a meet and greet with a dog?
  • Do you adopt outside of the adoption area?
  • What items are accepted for donation?
  • How do you ensure your dogs are in good homes?

Rescue Shop / Store Questions

Questions that pertain to Rescue Shop and all other monetary or item based issues will be provided under this header. This serves as the official question hub for the Rescue Shop, so it is advised that you look here before placing an order to submitting a question regarding a particular order that has been placed. Most questions have likely been answered already.

Questions like…

  • How long does it take to get my items?
  • Why are prices higher on Rescue Shop than in person?
  • Why did I get an email saying an item is out of stock?
  • How do I select a color, pattern, or type of item?
  • How are returns handled, and are there any guarantees?
  • How are payments processed?
  • Who handles my private information?

Stray, Population, and Authoritative Questions

K9 Kindness Rescue complies with state and local codes enacted by each district it operates in. As such there are some things we can do, and many things we can't do. You can find an outline of that here. In addition, you may also find answers to questions regarding where dogs and pets tend to come from in our rescue, who to call if you notice a stray and more.

Questions like…

  • Can I call you if I notice a stray dog?
  • Whom should I contact if the humane society is closed?
  • Whom should I contact if I've lost my dog?
  • Where do you get your pets from?
  • Whom can I contact if my dog is sick or in distress?

Website Questions

We understand that not everyone is totally tech savvy and able to understand all of the bells and whistles the site may entail. That's why we came up with this fairly comprehensive list of questions that are answered for your convenience. Questions in regards to site specifications and requirements, locating certain features and information collection are provided.

Questions like…

  • What do I need to view the site properly?
  • Has the site been tested with my set up?
  • Sometimes the site fails to load. Why?
  • Who provides the updates and modifications?
  • What kind of technology is used on the website?
  • What information is collected when I visit the site?
  • How do I log in?

Questions About Fostering

Fostering is one of the biggest ways you can help a dog in need. It's a win for everyone. On the one hand, it gives you the opportunity to help a dog that is in dire need of a second chance. On the other hand, it also gives us a unique ability to determine what the dog actually needs when it finds it's furever home. Check out some of these FAQ's written by an actual foster parent...

Questions like…

  • Will I get to meet the potential adopters?
  • How long do foster dogs tend to stay?
  • What if my foster dog gets sick?
  • Who covers the costs of routine vet visits?
  • Who pays for food?
  • What else is expected from me?
  • What if fostering just doesn't work out?
When all else fails and you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us. We sadly can't think of everything, and encourage people to get in touch with us if there's a question they don't have an answer for.