K9 Kindness 2017 Is Here…

Hello there everyone,

It has been a crazy start to 2017 for all of us here at K9 Kindness Rescue.  We have a lot of stuff going on, and I can’t really get into all of that right now (mainly because I can’t keep track of it all).  More news on that later.

Meanwhile, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the website has been shellshocked.  I’ve finished doing the majority of the updates I needed to do to the site to get things working out.  Most everything should still work as it has before.  There are quite a number of new features, and many old things have been removed.  I’ll update you all on those as soon as we finish things up.

2017 is the year of Kodeko (7.0) for K9 Kindness Rescue.

Stay in touch!