Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help

Update 30 August 2017 (18:15 CDT)

Updates regarding K9 Kindness Rescue have been moved to their own page in order to remove detraction from the mission of the original post.

Original Post

Hello everyone!

I’m going to make this one pretty short and sweet as I do not think many of you need an in depth recollection of the events unfolding in Texas and Louisiana.  From what I’ve been hearing from the local weather offices in the area, things are absolutely beyond comprehension there.  From what local law enforcement officials have said, they’ve seen everything from the despicable to the absolutely heart-warming.

Let’s send some more heart-warming wishes and actions in their direction.

I’ve compiled a very brief and still-growing list of organizations local to the affected areas that are asking for assistance.  This list continues to grow, and I plan on updating it daily as I receive the latest information.

Remember: It is easy for us to become disconnected from this event because many of us are so far away.  This must not interfere with our humanity and compassion.  We encourage those with the means to help out any way they can.