Get Those Tails Waggin’!

Well folks…we’ve managed to restore a functioning website, we’ve got our adoptable dogs up again, feature dogs are back…so…what does that leave us?

SPOILER ALERT here’s what our website used to look like (graphic designers may want to look away) – believe it or not, we used to own a different domain.

Anyway…that leaves us with probably one of the most important details of a rescue: testimonials!  But testimonials is too bland…that’s what you hear from a tennis ball factory/manufacturer – so we call them Happy Tails.

Have you adopted a dog from K9 Kindness Rescue in the past?  Share your experience with us.  We love pictures too.  Give us an opportunity to share your story as you found the missing member of your family, and let us know how they’re doing now.  You can do this by either sending us a message on Facebook, using the contact us form or even replying to this message right here…well…down there.  Bottom of the page.

Your story might just get featured on the front page as well. (Hey! Archer’s new family!)

Keep waggin’!

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