Featured Happy Tail: Muggles

It’s not every day that we learn of some of the really cool things that happen with our rescue dogs. Muggles is one of those awesome stories. She sits as the First Dog of Coralville, Iowa (now for her second term). We love you Muggles!

Muggles joined our family at two months of age in February, 2009 after being born on December 13 in a K9 Kindness foster home. They had rescued Muggles’ mother (Annie) and father (Aussie) from the City of Davenport Animal Shelter where their future was in jeopardy. It was soon discovered that Annie was pregnant with seven puppies. What made the situation even more interesting was that Annie and Aussie are siblings. Fortunately, a discussion with a vet and online research confirmed that such relationships are not risky in mixed-breed dogs with well-mixed gene pools. I can definitely confirm that Muggles is proof of this!

We are so blessed that Debbie selected our home out of many applications to adopt Muggles. She is the most kind, gentle, happy, smart, etc. dog I have ever experienced. She loves other dogs and snuggles with our three cats. She is crate-trained and happily goes in when I pour my coffee in the travel mug each morning. She loves receiving attention and will gladly pose for a photo which of course we call “Mug Shots”. She even has a cameo role in a new Christmas movie, “Up On the Wooftop” that was filmed in the Iowa City-Davenport area.

Our great experience with Muggles has encouraged us to support K9 Kindness both through financial donations as well as assisting in home visitations for adoptions in the Iowa City-Coralville area. They are truly a great organization making a difference in the lives of at-risk dogs and their new homes!

Up On The Wooftop was released in November of 2015 and is available now on the Amazon Play Store. You can check out Muggles and her friends in some Christmas fun to keep you warm through the colder months. (Hey, it’s still technically Christmas, right?)

Wooftop Dog Pic

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