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  • Address1305 26th Street, Bettendorf, Iowa, 52722
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Emergency FAQ’s

Questions About Stray Animals & Emergencies

K9 Kindness Rescue complies with state and local codes enacted by each district it operates in. As such there are some things we can do, and many things we can't do. You can find an outline of that here. In addition, you may also find answers to questions regarding where dogs and pets tend to come from in our rescue, who to call if you notice a stray and more.

Stray & Population

Can I call you if I notice a stray dog?
We do not have the license to pick up strays in any city. If it’s during the business hours of your city administration, contact your local humane society. A local directory can be found to the right.

Who should I contact if the humane society is closed?
You can call the non-emergency police numbers for your city or county. If that is a recording, you can try 9-1-1, but realize that true emergency calls will take precedence over calls about stray animals. When there is no emergency, most of the dispatchers are pretty good about getting an officer to come get the animal and take it to the county shelter.

Local Directory

319.338.3357 - Johnson County, IA
563.263.7358 - Muscatine County, IA
563.388.6655 - Scott County, IA
309.944.4868 - Henry County, IL
309.582.5215 - Mercer County, IL
309.558.3647 - Rock Island County, IL


Who should I contact if I've lost my dog?
Contact all area animal shelters (it is highly advisable that you not only call them, but actually visit them), local vet offices, Animal Emergency Center of the Quad Cities, and post on Facebook (Quad City Lost & Found Pets is a good Facebook site to post on). You can also contact us for ideas and information to help you.

Who can I contact if my dog is sick or in distress?
Contact your veterinarian or Animal Emergency of the Quad Cities. There are organizations that can help with costs. If your pet is healthy, it is a good idea to look into a pet health insurance policy to cover catastrophic illness or injury. You can contact us for more information.

AEC-QC only operates during non-business hours of veterinarian offices.
If your dog is sick during normal vet business hours, please consult with your vet. Otherwise, you can reach AEC at 563.344.9599.

Rescue Population

Where do you get your pets from?
The majority of our dogs come from kill shelters in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. We also take some owner surrenders as we have openings for them. In other instances, we may take a dog from outside of the general pull area, but this only occurs in rare circumstances.

I need to surrender my dog, but your foster homes are full. Who can I contact?
You can contact us for the names of possible rescues or no kill shelters who may be able to help. Please note however, we can not make any guarantee of placement in other organizations.

Can you call me if you get a specific breed?
In general, we do not do this. Sadly, it takes a lot of time for us to make sure the rescue is operating smoothly. Your best bet is to continuously check our listings for the most current dogs we have available.