Conan, Boxer-Beagle Mix

We got Conan, as Scooby-Doo, in March, one of the boxer-beagle puppies, thru your foster program. He has been a complete blessing to us:

Happy first birthday, Conan! Conan loves chewing on his toys (eating them if he doesn’t get caught – stuffed and rope toys are no longer allowed), doing tricks for treats – most recently catching treats in the air, loves chicken but not veggies, loves to snuggle, socialize with people and other pups, and is a very loving and loveable puppy. He also loves going to day camp and the overnight kennel, and especially seeing Grammy and Papa. Outside he enjoys chewing on sticks, soaking up the sun, and absolutely hates getting rained on (who doesn’t?). Hope you had a great birthday! Love you, Conan-bononan!


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