Alpha Dogs

K9 Kindness Rescue, Inc. maintains a board of directors composed of three individuals as well as advisors to the board (committee chairs). These individuals help maintain the rescue and make sure it doesn't explode (albeit, that isn't always the case). Chances are if you have questions, one of these fine humans will be able to answer them. The board of directors is mentioned below. If you contact the rescue, these are the faces you'll most likely hear from. Usually.

Debbie F.


A founding member of K9 Kindness Rescue on April 30, 2004. As president of K9 Kindness, she oversees training and integration of new volunteers, foster homes, intake and adoption of all animals, and answering all phone messages and emails. She makes sure that we have all the proper paperwork for the State of Iowa, and all the necessary licenses.

Kim P.

Executive Director

Bio to come

Kristina(Blaze) M.

Social Media/Foster Home Coordinator

Bio to come