• Address1305 26th Street, Bettendorf, Iowa, 52722
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  • Address1305 26th Street, Bettendorf, Iowa, 52722
  • Open Hours24 hours online!

Abby Lynn is a beautiful and trendy doggy, who likes to wear her string of pearls and take the world head-on despite her disabilities; blindness and diabetes. She wasn’t blind her entire life, so her memory is engrained with the beauty that surrounds her.

Abby loves to be part of the family! If something is amiss outside, she will let you know! She’s shy at first, but don’t worry, there is a fun and friendly bark just waiting to come out! She will greet you at the door when you arrive home, and sniff the day’s adventures on your clothes, she loves to be near her family.

Abby loves going on walks, she also loves treats! Blindness doesn’t stop Abby, and she learns your home layout very quickly. It’s spectacular to see her walk through a room to a hallway, stop, pivot, and walk down the hall without bumping into anything! Obviously this will take some time, but she is very cautious and careful until she learns, and then she becomes carefree. Her day consists of a lot of beauty rest, binging Netflix, and just being sweet and gorgeous. She doesn’t require, nor ask, for a lot of physical attention, but she does enjoy being (slowly)scooped up and loved on.

Abby Lynn has diabetes, which just means she’ll need a special diet of healthier food options, twice daily insulin, and the occasional blood sugar testing so the doctor can track her over the phone as opposed to office visits. Since she is diabetic, she does need to go #1 about once an hour during the day, unless she’s in a deep beauty rest or overnight while she’s deep asleep. She will let you know she needs to go outside by simply standing up! Standing up and walking around from a beauty rest can mean one of two things, she thirsty or she needs to go potty! If she begins to walk circles in front of you, you have time and can scoop her up. She will stop if you say no, let’s go outside!

Abby is a girl who knows what she wants. She can be persuaded by kindness and patience, just remember that she is blind and she needs time to understand her surroundings. How does she get when she feels pushed around? She simply sits down right in front of you and refuses to listen.

Abby loves having fur friends, but she’s also okay being the sole attention of her family! She doesn’t like the sound of food thieves around her while she eats. She may give them a grimace and low growl, or sometimes an outlandish yelp but she won’t bite or hurt them. She just wants to eat in peace and should be fed separately.

Giving Abby her insulin is super easy and she doesn’t even flinch. She had diabetes before she lost her eyes and is very used to this routine, plus she gets that treat after! Abby is not toy motivated, they just aren’t of interest to her. She loves fluffy snow! If it’s snowing, get her outside and watch the cuteness begin and she jumps and plays in and out of the snow.

Abby Lynn does well with kids and loves to cuddle with them! Our children are over 7, but with her demeanor I would assume it would be just fine! Abby hasn’t met anyone she doesn’t like, and she’s very interested in smelling their clothes and getting to know who they are and where they’ve been that day!

Abby Lynn really is a great girl. Yes, she’s diabetic and recently blind, but the beautiful part is that hasn’t stopped her from being truly kind and having a love for life and her family. She just wants to belong, and the perfect family for her would be a family that is just as loving and kind as her; a family who has the time to take her outside on walks, let her outside to go #1 throughout the day, and a family that knows that despite what she’s been through, she is deserving of the love from them as she gives to her family.

Abby’s adoption fee is $125, and adopters must live within 175 miles of the Quad City Area.

For a chance to meet Abby, fill out the online application at www.k9kindnessrescue.org/adopt/application

Abby and K9 Kindness Rescue thank you for considering adoption through rescue for your new family companion!

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