A Word From The Founder…

Dear K9 Kindness Krew & Friends,

Yesterday was a landmark day for our annual rescue event!  We have had the Dog Dayz of Summer Beach Pawty & Dog Wash (years ago, it was called a Karnival) for 8 of our 11 years.  We have NEVER had one as successful as yesterday’s!  We made $3023!   We owe 4 vet clinics right now, and we will be able to give each a sizeable payment!

None of this could have been possible without such incredible volunteers!  I’m going to try to list everyone, but please forgive me if I leave you out and you should be mentioned!  There were so many (many who came to help that I didn’t even know were there as I was inside with microchipping!).  Also there were many who donated food, baked goods, and raffle items, and I know I don’t have all the names of all those wonderful people, but am so grateful to them nonetheless!

First, my deepest and most heartfelt appreciation and thanks to our Board, Matthew Bierman, Diane Viaene, Katie Trujillo and Michael Fraker.  They are wonderful to work with, and help keep the president sane in times of stress (most of the time…LOL)  All, except Michael also foster and are on our Adoption Team.  Michael is the webmaster.

Special thanks to Nancy Nehlsen & her staff at Nehlsen Communications.  They made our flyers and do anything I ask.  Very grateful for them!  Talented group of people who love animals!

Also, a HUGE THANKS to Bikers Against BSL for joining us and grilling our brats and hot dogs!  What an awesome group!  We are so glad they came out yesterday!  Hoping we can do more events together in the future!

Now, thank you’s to…

Matthew Bierman, Rachel Shanahan, Lea Boldt, Johanna Lonsdale, Amy Zero, Sarah Zero, Ann & Scott Jevyak, Amy Ceurvorst, Jan Dulaney, Katie & Mike Trujillo, Katey Bignall, Rhonda Mitchell, Melissa McCourt, John Benjamin, Melanie Brown (from Care Animal Center) & Jenna Hogarty (from Animal Family Veterinary Care Center) for doing our microchipping/nail trims, & ear cleaning, Melissa & Jason (not Jacob!) Rashid and Melissa’s dad (who let us use his Hawkeye canopy!), Ethan Smith, Jack VenHorst, Amy Underwood, Sarah Lack, Susan Alexander, Glenda, Cory, Abigail & Elizabeth Ziolkowski, Amie Bloss, Paulette Schrank, Kelli Markle, Connie Elsea and Tammy Thomson.  And I KNOW I have missed people!

I also will be sending a thank you to the Moline Petco.  They put bag stuffers in EVERY customer’s bag for 10 days before the event, and had it on their calendar of events online.  They really support K9 Kindness, and their GM, John Hancock is just wonderful to work with, too.  We also thank the Davenport Petco for doing the same with bag stuffers, and PR!

Also, thank you to Griggs Music, as they allowed us to again use about $800 in PA equipment for music for our event!  (Thank you, Mark at Griggs, and Michael Fraker for securing the equipment and doing the song list!)

Thank you to Lauri McNeal for our awesome t-shirts, delivered right in time for our event!

It takes a lot of planning and work to do an event like Dog Dayz of Summer.  Our K9 Kindness Krew ROCKS!  So many K9 alumni came by (and we LOVE seeing them!), and new friends were made, too!

I had no idea when I started this rescue over 11 years ago, that we would be where we are today!  And we ARE, because of YOU!

God bless each and every one of you!


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