Owner Surrender Policy

K9 Kindness Rescue, Inc. will take owner surrenders when the following criteria are met:

The dog was previously adopted from K9 Kindness Rescue, Inc and is being returned.

Our owner surrender form must be filled out and signed by the person who owns the dog. This includes former adopters.

The dog is altered, current on rabies vaccination and heartworm negative. The dog must be free of internal and external parasites. We require a donation of $75 if this criteria is not met.

Vet records must accompany the dog’s surrender paperwork, or information on where to locate vet records should be shared on the surrender form.

Should a dog that has been surrendered by its legal owner not pass a basic temperament test, we will contact the previous legal owner of the dog. That person will have the option of either having us return the dog to the him/her or having us find other placement outside our rescue for the dog.

Any dog that was previously adopted by K9 Kindness Rescue, Inc. will be accepted back into our rescue should the owner not wish to keep the dog (as per our Adoption Agreement). An Owner Surrender form will be signed by the current legal owner of the dog.

K9 Kindness will provide a copy of the surrender paperwork to the owner upon request.