Adoption Fees

new adoption fees effective August 1st, 2013

Adult Dogs - $225

Puppies Under 6 Months - $300
      will refund $75 with proof of spay/nueter by age 7 months
      (as per adoption contract)

Senior Dogs - $125

Adoption Area

Our general adoption area is within 150 miles or a 3 hour drive of Davenport, IA. This will include Des Moines and Chicago. We sometimes make exceptions, especialy to adopt senior and special needs dogs.

Adoption Process

Before you fill out an application, please take the time to read the following...

Thank you for your interest in adopting a K9 Kindness Rescue dog. The information on this page is presented so that you have a clear understanding of our adoption process and our philosophy behind it. It is also intended to help you come face-to-face with the reality of owning a dog. We all understand the emotional appeal of a sweet furry face. However, we are keenly aware that while many people like the idea of owning a pet, not everyone likes—and is willing to accommodate—the reality of having a pet in their life and home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please read the following before filling out an adoption application.

Soul searching…Ask yourself these questions:

• Are you prepared for the financial reality of owning a pet? The average cost of having a dog the first year is $374-$658 depending on the size of the dog. These figures include food, veterinary care and medication such as heartworm pills for dogs. Are you willing and able to assume this responsibility?

• Do you realize that even though kids make big promises and are very compelling salespeople, they are not going to be responsible for the daily care of the pet? Are you willing to walk, feed, play with and provide attention for your pet on a daily basis when your children fail to do so?

• Do you realize that pets have the mental ability of a four-year-old? Are you prepared to care for this furry toddler for the rest of his/her life, which could be 10 years, 12 years, or even longer?

The adoption process:

 • Fill out and submit an adoption application.

 • On the adoption application, we ask for three references and a vet reference. We do this because we are cross-checking information. It may surprise you to know that people lie to us

• If you leave any questions blank, we have the right to disqualify your application.

• The foster home will set up an appointment for you to meet the dog in which you are interested.

• A home visit is required as part of the adoption procedure.

• All members of the household must meet the dog prior to completing an adoption process.

• The average time to process an adoption is one week. It may take longer.

• We are interested in finding the RIGHT HOME for a dog. This may not necessarily be the first person who applies to adopt the dog.

• All pets currently in the home must be up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed or neutered.

• Our procedure enables us to gather complete and well-rounded information in order to make an informed and wise decision that will lead to a lifetime relationship between a family and the dog.

• We do follow-up calls to help insure the placement is working, to hone our dog evaluation skills, and to help with any questions that may arise.

• Please realize that it may take up to two weeks for your dog to be comfortable in your home. It is possible that he/she may have some accidents during this adjustment period.

• Our procedure is about righting a wrong. If an animal is in our care, something has already gone wrong in its life. We want to find our dogs a home where they’ll be cherished and loved.